MDC Is Not A Terrorist Organisation But A Genuine Opposition Party, Join A Live Solidarity Broadcast
1 March 2020
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Job Sikhala

Own Correspondent|The opposition MDC has issued a statement bitterly condemning the ongoing state siege on its members and leaders.

On Saturday, police raided the party Vice National Chairman Job Sikhala’s home and arrested a dozen of the party youth who were guarding his home.

In a statement the party heavily condemned the government for treating the opposition party like a terrorist organisation.

“No reason was given for the siege and the State-sanctioned violence. Last week, Zanu PF distributed fliers mobilising their supporters to siege the rural home of President Nelson Chamisa in Gutu as well as the urban homes of Vice President Tendai Biti and Deputy National Chairperson Hon. Sikhala,” said the party Deputy Spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka in an official statement.

“The MDC regards the siege in St Mary’s and the incessant harassment of party leaders as needless persecution. The regime is treating the MDC as a terrorist organisation when it is a legitimate political party represented in Parliament and running the majority of local government councils,” he added.

New York based DJ Mudhara Wekwa Bee has run a solidarity live session here on, join the live session in the video downloading below: