Government “Freezes” Teachers’ Union Leader’s Salary
3 March 2020
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Farai Dziva|Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union(ARTUZ) secretary general, Robson Chere has been forced to transfer to a peripheral school.

Chere believes the move is calculated to stop him from speaking on behalf of suffering teachers.

See Chere’s statement below:

They have failed to defeat the power in me. And they have forcefully transferred me to this school in Svove Rural .

To them it’s a defeat because they were pushing my resignation, or even termination of my employment status, that is the reason why I have not been receiving my salary since January.

Teaching is my profession and my passion and I shall continue defending the right to education and workers’ rights.

I have already started mobilising my new learners at the new school and the community to demand better educational facilities from the Government and a demonstration on this issue is loading …

My lawyers have appealed against the decision and the Public Service Commission has since written to me requesting an out of Court Settlement.