Govt Allows Its Wing To Auction Municipality Of Gwanda Fire And Ambulance Vehicles Over A $17m Debt
5 March 2020
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THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) is auctioning Municipality of Gwanda service vehicles which include ambulances, fire tenders and official cars over a $17 million water supplies debt.

Gwanda mayor, Jastone Mazhale recently confirmed the attachment of the vehicles and said the council and Zinwa were engaged in talks that appear to have failed as the Deputy Sheriff has advertised the auctioning of the vehicles.

“Yes I can confirm that our vehicles were attached by Zinwa over a $17 million debt and we are currently running the town without ambulances, fire tenders and normal vehicles as Zinwa attached them. They only left refuse collection vehicles,” Mazhale confirmed.

Zinwa Gwanda catchment manager, Farai Manzira also confirmed the attachment.

The impasse has angered ratepayers who said this has left them in a precarious situation.

Gwanda Residents Association secretary-general Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo expressed concern over the unending feud between Gwanda Town Council and Zinwa which has escalated to alarming levels.

“We are concerned as Gwanda residents over this issue as it is seriously affecting us. We go for a month without running water as Zinwa would have disabled its service, and as residents we have always lobbied for Zinwa to allow the Gwanda Town Council to run the water source, and avoid such unnecessary feuds,”Fuzwayo said.

“Right now as we speak we do not have any ambulances and no fire fighting vehicles. What would happen if a fire erupts?”