Gringo Relocates To Rural Home
10 March 2020
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He was once the master of local television. Draped in his signature makeshift khaki short and black vest, sometimes barefoot, his witty humour would guarantee millions of eyes glued to the television set.
Lazarus Boora, who rose to fame through his role as “Gringo”, remains among veterans of local television.

Who would have imagined him back to default setting, re-embracing a rural life?

Though long past his prime, and now relocated to his rural home, Rukweza Village in Nyazura, Gringo believes his glory days are not yet over.
It’s not every day that celebrities of national acclaim move back to rural areas, especially when they still have more to offer to the world.

But sometimes it is a good idea to go back to one’s roots, reflect on their life, gain some perspective, before resuming one’s career.

It was this great need of fresh air, and new insights on life that drove Gringo back to where he gasped his first breath.
This follows his recent surgical operation for appendix rapture.

A visit to Gringo’s homestead, a decently built home well inviting, and modest finds a once spirited individual whose witty humour always drove the nation in stitches, a fable of his former being, thin and visibly in pain.

Gringo laboriously takes his time to walk, stops every now and again to gain his composure, yet still, he remains hopeful for a better future.

He is not the jovial spirit always cracking jokes, one would expect to meet, but a quiet person, seemingly tired, maybe from his ailment and drugs.
Gringo and his wife are very welcoming and happy to receive visitors.

“I am now well, the worst is over,” he said. “What I cannot really do is the hard jobs.”-State media