Mnangagwa No Longer Trusts PresidentialGuard, “He’s Now Protected By Airforce” | PICTURES, VIDEO
10 March 2020
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By Farai D Hove| The Zanu-PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa does not trust the Zimbabwe National Army anymore, some military sources have maintained.

One source was unequivocal on this going to the point of speaking about the man’s podium layout, saying he has violated all presidential decorum.

“Can you not see how he is now guarded at podiums by air force officers instead of ZNA or ZRP?,” they alleged.

One of the sources said, ” Do you not see that at many times he is now seen being guarded by airforce officers? Why airforce of all? “

“He has broken presidential decorum, this is a clear shift,” they continued.

The development comes as other state agents however said there is nothing unusual because at events such as Gutu, Mnangagwa would have been flown in so the presence of airforce officers is not a surprise.”

When he traveled Gutu, Masvingo Province during his clean up campaign, he was closely guarded by an airforce officer just as he said “very soon village inspectors will start going from house to house, if they find cockroaches, you will be given first warning and on the second we will arrest anyone found with cockroaches.” (See video)

But for over 5 months to date, Mnangagwa is seen many times driving even just 3 km away to places such as the ZANU PF headquarters while closely guarded by an airforce officer instead of Zimbabwe National Army, or the Presidential Guard.

Sources have maintained alleging that Mnangagwa has lost real control of the country to the military, and if things go according to plan, “the only person now in power is Maj Gen John Chris Mupande, whose allegiance is to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.”

These allegations began in December last year when Mnangagwa violated his annual leave.

When Mnangagwa’s and the government spokesman were both contacted for a comment in December, they said there was nothing unusual on Mnangagwa’s movements.

The military is said to be disintegrating in a way which might turn out calamitous, reflected in how Mnangagwa ended up “violating” his own annual leave (December 2019 to January 2020).

But how does such a person (Gen Mupande) who is junior to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander, Valerio Sibanda become more powerful? The coup to remove former President Robert Mugabe was done by the Zipra wing of the military, the January 2019 operation to save Mnangagwa was also done by Zipra, as narrated by Mnangagwa’s inlaw Terence Mukupe in a year old in door meeting video clip.

The Zipra element of the military comes from Mberengwa, Shurugwi and Matebeleland (Gen Sibusiso Moyo, Isaac Moyo (CIO Director General), this is the element that wanted Mugabe removed or even killed.

They are the ones who run the Korokozas (artisenal miners), the Mashurugwi militia who form a civilian army. Two soldiers caught so far raiding mines in the Concession area, were from Shurugwi. It was an operation run by the Defence Intelligence.

Mnangagwa had a 2014 warrant of arrest over the murder of his girlfriend in a flat. That docket is still there. The whole November military coup was a way to sway away the criminal charges-Sources told ZimEye, Mnangagwa knew he was going to be arrested for the murder of the girlfriend (a church member of Tudor Bismark’s organisation) killed in a flat in Harare who was a discovered a week later. She was found mutilated at her private parts. The pictures are gruesome.

The warrant of arrest was signed at the Harare magistrates court and President Mugabe was in possession of the docket. This is the major reason why former police commissioner, Augustine Chihuri had to be removed because of the database of criminal charges he possessed, it said. It is suggested this is one of the reasons Mnangagwa has never had a police officer as a close protection security guard.


Sources say that a military operation will be conducted by night just like the November 2017 coup. Strategic houses of Mnangagwarites will be raided by aggressive snipers, the occupants captured and the first office building to be siezed will be the ZBC broadcasting house in Highlands, the one in Mbare and the one in Bulawayo. Other strategic military garrisons will have been taken at the first. The sources say the operation can be all complete in just one hour due to the current public appetite for change which they measure is 3 times more than the one people had when the late president Robert Mugabe was removed.

Between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. an announcement will be read out in exactly the same way it was done on the 15th of November 2017. Through this, the man who usurped power from his former boss will be forced to resign.

The sources however fail to explain how the operation will be legitimised since a coup is illegal on both local and international law.


There is a possibility that a violent takeover will be swayed by Mnangagwa executing a counter attack to stay affloat using the Korokoza wing. The Korokozas are the machete wielding gold and diamond miners who run under the state security minister Owen Ncube. Mnangagwa announced this plan on the 14th December at ZANU PF’s annual conference in Goromonzi, in a coded message.