Morgan Komichi Finally Speaks On His “Unhappiness” Within The MDC
10 March 2020
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Morgan Komichi

Own Correspondent|Media has recently been awash with reports that former MDC Vice President Morgen Komichi was unhappy and wanted out of the party.

Komichi has not been attending MDC events across the country, and was recently reported to have closed ranks with the family of party founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai which he visited without the party leadership’s knowledge.

A resignation letter from the party, purportedly written by Komichi was circulated on social media.

The MDC quickly labelled FAKE the letter.

MDC official twitter handle tweeted a photo with the letters FAKE inscribed on top of the letter that was circulating on social media claiming Morgan Komichi has resigned from the party:

In the video downloading below, Komichi has finally opened up on the matter: