6 Tonnes Of Highly Dangerous Chemicals Spilt In Byo High Density Suburb As South African Truck Overturns.
13 March 2020
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A SOUTHAfrican registered haulage truck overturned in Entumbane suburb in Bulawayo and spilled nearly six tonnes of hazardous substances.

The truck which was enroute to the DRC, was carrying 32,5 tonnes of the hazardous substances, some of which spilled when it overturned on Monday.

The driver of the haulage truck who declined to be named, is a Zimbabwean who probably was visiting relatives in the suburb when the accident happened. 

He immediately reported the acccident to Zimra who then contacted the Environment Management Agency ( EMA) since it involved a hazardous substance.

In an interview, EMA provincial environmental manager for Bulawayo, Mr Descent Ndlovu said he visited the accident scene on Tuesday.

He said it seems residents are ignorant of the dangers of such substances as they did not bother to report the spillage to EMA.

Mr Ndlovu who said the substance that spilled was not very dangerous, said EMA has since Tuesday been supervising the clean up exercise. 

He however urged residents to immediately report such spillage to either EMA or City Council as some substances could be very harmful.

Residents who were at the scene said they were not aware that they should report such spillage to EMA or the City Council.

“I was not sure of what it is but I just thought it’s agricultural lime,” said one of the residents.

Asked to comment, Bulawayo Town Clerk Mr Christopher Dube said the truck driver violated the council by-laws by driving the truck to the suburb.

He said trucks carrying such harzadous substances were not allowed in residential areas.