South African Retail Shops Shut Down Due To Coronavirus
18 March 2020
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Correspondent|Stores like Woolworths in Durban KwaZulu Natal have already shut down.

Following the President Cyril Ramamphosa announcement to declare coronavirus a national disaster some stores in Durban have already shut down, more are expected to follow.

The President announced that gatherings of more than 100 people are now prohibited across the country in light of the escalation of coronavirus.

” The South African government has put measures in place to treat those infected.” Ramamphosa said.

As it is said that there should be no gatherings of more than 100 people and people should also limit contact between person. In the retail environment it is impossible to do so and that endangers the workers and customers lives.

The infection count today is 62 but on the message doing rounds on social media, it is said that the South African government is not telling the people the truth about the infection count.

Apparently many people are infected which will lead to a total shutdown. Retail stores will have to operate once a week for three months.

This might be the reason whites South Africans have been buying food in bulks since yesterday.