Zambezi River Flooding Upstream Vic Falls And Kariba, Kariba Dam Might Fill Up
1 April 2020
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latest picture of the Victoria Falls

THE thunderous sound of the mighty Victoria Falls is back as the Zambezi River’s water levels have significantly risen, giving hope of recovery in the tourism sector once the Covid-19 threat has been alleviated.

Authorities have said as of last Friday, water levels in the Zambezi River in Chavuma, Zambia, have gone up 523 percent compared to the same period last year, thereby increasing flows to the Falls.

The Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) yesterday said water levels were trending above the long-term average, and the highest in 20 years.

Victoria Falls residents and players in the tourism industry are excited that the deafening sound of heavy volumes of water falling 107 metres down the gorge can be heard as far as the Victoria Falls International Airport which is 20km away.

Wildlife watch group Bhejane Trust revealed the upcoming phenomenon:

Some good news!! The floodwaters of the Zambezi have hit Victoria Falls and Kariba – the river has risen quickly and the lake is starting to fill.

This is the biggest flood since 1977/78, which is the biggest flood since records started in the sixties. However, there is now a second wave coming through Chavuma (on the Angola/Zambia border) which looks as big as the first wave.

The difference is the Barotse flood plain is now full and this wave will sweep over it. All the water will be channelled through to the Falls and into Kariba.

“I predict this will be the biggest flood since the Kariba Dam wall floods of 1958. Kariba will probably fill.”

“The sad news is with this disastrous Covid-19, there will only be a few locals to witness what will be one of the greatest shows put on by the Zambezi!!”