COVID Scare As Small House And Wife Clash Over Wrong Corpse Of Hubby…
12 May 2020
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Dear Editor

There is drama unfolding in Bindura Tuesday morning: a clash between a Small House and the real wife over the corpse of their shared husband, after the Small House repatriated the wrong body from Parirenyatwa Hospital and brought it for burial in Bindura.

This could be the result of the government strict guidelines following the COVID19 pandemic where relatives of the deceased are not allowed how to conduct body viewing, that might lead to the wrong body being retrieved from the mortuary.

The supposed burial of late Double Husband was eventually conducted at Makusha Cemetery, Bindura on Sunday.

Chaos has however since erupted after the family of the corpse taken from Parirenyatwa arrived yesterday to claim the body. The two families where at the time of writing embroiled in bitter fighting over the body intending to exhume it.

What if the deceased died of Covid-19 and everyone could get infected upon retrieval from the ground? In all this fighting in social distancing being practiced?

The warring families are on Tuesday camped at Village House number 18B Batanai (address released in the public interest).

ZimEye could not ascertain the number of family members inside the property at the time of writing. It could be that be established if an exhumation order had been granted at the time of printing.

ZimEye is following this story.