Police Nab Returning Fugitives
12 May 2020
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By A Correspondent- At least 129 criminals and suspects who fled the country after committing various offences are among the returnees from Botswana, South Africa and other countries.

The returnees are being sent to various isolation centres across the country where they will be quarantined for 21 days, as a measure to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Police have already started profiling fugitives and suspects who fled the country.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the fugitives and suspects would be taken to various courts once they are released.

“They have been taken to various isolation centres where they will be managed during the 21 days of quarantine. As you know there is a lot of information, which is filtering in relation to the nature of the crimes they could have committed either in this country or Botswana and South Africa where they are coming from. The profiling process will also give us direction on how to manage them during and after their quarantine period,” he said.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said 16 suspects were as of yesterday isolated in Matabeleland South while 20 were sent to Matabeleland North. Bulawayo province received 30, Manicaland seven, Midlands got 15 while two others were quarantined in Mashonaland Central. Masvingo and Midlands provinces received 15 each, while one was isolated in Mashonaland East. Two people had been sent to Mashonaland Central as of yesterday.