Sex Worker Bewitches 21-Year-Old Glendale Man Who Refused To Pay
13 May 2020
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A footballer for FC Charles, a team from Glendale in Mashonaland Central province, reportedly died in mysterious circumstances after he slept with a sex worker and failed to pay for the services rendered, raising fears of witchcraft, while others maintain it was just a coincidence.

Crispen Magwaza (21) is said to have been bewitched by a sex worker, whom he failed to pay for her services.

NewsDay visited the Magwaza family, where a family spokesperson, Henry Magwaza confirmed the case.

“My boy fell sick. As the situation worsened, he divulged to me that he had slept with a certain lady of the night, (name supplied), but left without paying the service fee of US$10,” he narrated.

“I then took him to the woman’s place who told us that if he had not come with the money, something terrible would have happened to him.”

He added: “She told us to put the money on the floor so that the spirits could receive it directly and reverse the boy’s illness.

“She removed a scary doll and uttered a few words and my boy felt better.

“However, two days later, the situation worsened. We took him back but the lady said she could not do anything before he died.”

According to the family, Crispen developed urinary problems, urinating up to 20 litres of urine per day for five days before he passed on.

The sex worker is said to be in hiding after being threatened being threatened by the deceased’s friends.

This is not the first time bizarre things have happened in Glendale.

Sometime last year, Glendale hit headlines after an artisanal miner lost his manhood to a sex worker after failing to pay for services.