Civil Society Organisations Gives Mudenda Two Weeks Ultimatum To Reinstate Recalled MDC Alliance MPs Or Else……
14 May 2020
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Press Statement|The Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) Zimbabwe, which is a pressure group that seeks to decentralise a citizen engaged democratic struggle in Zimbabwe using peaceful non-violent resistance in the face of Zanu PF dictatorship, welcomes the MDC Alliance’s decision to broaden the demand for institutional reforms in the country.

The Yellow Vest Zimbabwe applauds the statement presented by Job Sikhala following the illegal recall of MDC Alliance MPs by Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda. Under these circumstances where there is wilful violation of the Constitution particularly the Electoral Act…, we have no other option but to condemn it with the contempt it deserves and express solidarity with the MDC Alliance which has seen the will of its four constituencies being subverted through this arbitrary and illegal act.

Section 129(1)(k) provides that the seat of an MP becomes vacant if the member has ceased to belong to the political party of which he/she was a member when they were elected to Parliament and the relevant political party has made a written declaration to that effect to the Speaker or the president of the Senate.

In brazen violation of the foregoing where the MDC Alliance did not recall its MPs, the Yellow Vest Zimbabwe views this as an assault on democracy and a complete disregard for the rights of the people who voted for those honourable members under the MDC Alliance. We will not ignore this injustice and affront towards the people of

Zimbabwe by Zanu PF and its appendages masquerading as opposition political parties. In the spirit of solidarity, an injury to one is an injury to all.

We therefore demand the unconditional reinstatement of those honourable Members of Parliament by Mudenda or the regime in Harare risks legal and extra legal resistance from the Yellow Vest Movement Zimbabwe.

We therefore give the Speaker two weeks to reinstate those honourable members failure of which in collaboration with other civic groups we will launch a sustained peaceful and non-violent resistance against the autocratic regime that continues to asphyxiate dissenting voices in Zimbabwe.