Church Leaders Speak On Anointed Herb
16 May 2020
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Farai Dziva|Controversial Masvingo based clergyman, Isaac Makomichi’ s anointed “love potion herb” has sparked raging debate in Christian circles.

Makomichi, the leader of Calvary Prayer Group and
the president of Vulnerable Youth Support Network Trust distributes the “anointed love potion herb” to needy women and girls across the country for free.

A 62-year- old woman recently claimed she got married after using the herb.

However, it is the testimony of a well known sex worker with 3 children who reportedly got married to a 30- year -old rich boy- that has sparked debate in Christian circles.

The sex worker says she has been using love potion herb to attract rich boys.

Church leaders in Masvingo have expressed mixed sentiments on the love potion herb.

“I think in Christian circles we should not use the so called anointed love potion herb. I don’t see it’s relevance to a believer,” said a senior church leader.

However another church leaders said: ” I can’t rush to criticize the anointed herb.Maybe that’s the revelation the prophet got. Personally I am not against the anointed love potion herb.”

Makomichi said those willing to ask him about the herb should contact him on 0777469342.

Isaac Makomichi