FULL TEXT: Spencer Banda Raped 3 Quarters Of The Entire School’s Girls
16 May 2020
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Below is the transcript of a Whistleblower’s statement over the situation at Sodbury High School. The accused, (school owner)Spencer Banda, was on ZimEye.com two days ago to answer to the allegations. FULL TEXT:

Watch the video loading below as former students of Sodbury narrate how they were raped by Spencer Banda at the school around 1998 to 2001.

Bashed and shamed for eating the forbidden fruit, former ZBC TV presenter, Spencer Banda.

“Tete we learnt at Sodbury High School. I think you know the owner Spencer Banda. I learnt at the school 1998 to 2001. The things that used to happen there are horrific. Spencer used to rape kids. He raped almost 3 quarters of the whole school’s girls.

“So we have a group of former classmates. The girls are looking for assistance. So we tried to talk to him to ask for forgiveness in front of all of us ‘, but we failed to agree with him. He is saying he did not rape anyone, but when he exited the group he went to every girl’s inbox, those who are accusing him and asked for forgiveness personally and directly, which we are not agreeable to. We want him to stand before all of us and ask for forgiveness; All of us boys and girls tell us that he (he has forgiven us of the truth – sic).

“We are scared for the kids at the school that they are being abused in exactly the same way, and they do not have anyone to complain to.

“I was asking you please if I could add you to the group so that you can hear it for yourself. That you can decide what you want to do. I thank you very much Tete.

“Okay Tete, we thought you would help us. Some of the victims are now overseas, some are in SA, some in Dubai.

“Our intention was not to expose the man, but to protect the kids presently at the school, so that at least if you can help us, he can stop what he is doing.”