Bishop Magaya Condemns Abduction, Torture Of Opposition Members By Mnangagwa Government
17 May 2020
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Farai Dziva|Outspoken clergyman, Bishop Ancelimo Magaya has strongly condemned the abduction and torture of three MDC Alliance youth assembly leaders by the Zanu PF government.

The three MDC youth assembly leaders, Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova were abducted, tortured and dumped near “Supa” Business Centre in Bindura .

Below is Bishop Magaya’ s statement :

How much departure has the second republic made from the previous paranoid regime or do we still have the same with cosmetic changes?

When you have in a country the ZRP confirming through assistant commissioner Paul Nyathi the spokesperson that the 3 MDC A youth leaders have been arrested for staging ” An illegal demonstration ” and clearly stating that the three are in police custody ( Herald of the 14th of May ) then in few hours , the trio can not be accounted for.

They then re appear two days later brutalized and traumatized, and Nyathi makes a U turn claiming that they had never been arrested, then we have a rogue state lacking credibility and not only lacking basic professional conduct but falling far too short of integrity required for national leadership.

Sadly, instead of learning from the past, the chief corespondent Ruben Barwe with usual cadences zealously reports during 8 o’clock news last night in ways that depict the usual ZRP and or state chorus of possible stage managed abduction.

They massacred people in Matebeleland from 1983 to 1987. They left Kombai for dead in 1990 in Gweru . They killed during land seizures. They killed the likes of Talent Chiminya in 2000 in Buhera. They maimed and abducted many.

They ruthlessly caused trauma when they destroyed peoples homes in 2005. They killed several after harmonized elections of 2008.

Indeed , they caused mayhem.

April to June of 2008 was a season of darkness. They forced Itai Dzamara into disappearance and to date , his whereabouts is unknown. On August 1 2018 , they killed. On October 10 2018, a parking Marshall was shot dead by one alleged to have been a son to one of their own who was never arrested.

They killed from January 14 to 16 2019. They abducted and tortured Doc Peter Magombeyi. Several civic society leaders have been arrested.

Recently , on May 13 they abducted and tortured Cecilia , Netsai and Joana.

I tell you , the cup of the abomination of of this state is fast filling up and very soon we will witness a dramatic fall worse and greater than what has happened to their father the former President and the system around him whom many have already forgiven by reason of the worse of situation we have had in a very short time of the second republic.

I urge the church to rise up to speak and act . When we do so the prophetic word out of the mouth of the church will assume a life of its own that God will energies to bring to pass our prophetic declaration. As I have always said , God has not yet completed purging the decay within the ruling elite.

Lets keep pushing in labour pains for the birthing of a new Zimbabwe. God Save Zimbabwe.

Bishop Magaya