17 May 2020
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Cde Victor Matemadanda has disowned a twitter which purported as being handled by him.
In the twitter a dubious character purporting to be Cde Matemadanda said the Zimbabweans are not thankful we gave them new notes this was said in Shona However Cde Matemafanda said he will never speak in such a disrespectful manner to the people of Zimbabwe. “ For any leader to be a leader there must be people behind him. What comes first is people and therefore he who speaks evil about his people is not a leader. “ said Cde Matemadadanda.
“We have always said ZANU VANHU VANHU I ZANHU”. ZANU is people and people are ZANU”. A government is not an untouchable entity from beyond. It is people organising themselves to lead people for the people.”
I have noticed pockets of irresponsible hackers trying to create a wrong impression of what have been said by others. They are aware that their message can only make sense if it is wrapped in a good name of others.
I would categorically say this unfortunate senseless Twitter was not coming from my handler. Furthermore I can not comment about monetary policy ahead of the minister of finance. ZANU PF is a well organised party and we follow protocol. We have a way and it is this way which makes us a formidable party.
I would like those who are abusing my name out there that freedom of abuse is not freedom after abuse.
While they find amusement in dragging my name in the child play’s arena I will continue doing the best for my country my president my people and my party.

Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours and we will do all we can to make Zimbabwe a better place to stay. We all have a duty as a people of Zimbabwe to recognise our dream for our land for our children.

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Masimba Mavaza VAZET