Mthwakazi Party Leader Dies.
19 May 2020
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David Magagula

Media Statement|It is with bleeding hearts that we announce to Mthwakazi as a whole and our well wishers across the region and globe, the untimely death of Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) Leader, Mr. David Magagula.

Mr. David Magagula passed on, on Tuesday morning after a short illness.

Arrangements about his funeral are yet to be announced. Magagula is an author of many Ndebele set books and novels and has been the spokesperson of MLF from its inception until 2016 when he became the leader of the movement.

David Magagula is also well known for his passion for Mthwakazi and is one of the towering giants who brought the plight of Mthwakazi nation to the furoe amidst acrimony and incessant threats from the occupying government of Zimbabwe.
Magagula has stood firm and resolute for the liberation and independence of Mthwakazi right from the formation of Matabeleland Freedom Party(MFP) in 2006.

He was instrumental in merging of Mthwakazi People’s Organisation (MPO) operating from Botswana and MFP calminating into MLF in 2010. From 2006 to the present, he has been at the forefront lobbying for Mthwakazi independence from the oppressive Zimbabwean regime (first under Robert Mugabe and now Emmerson Mnangagwa).

It is with no doubt that today Mthwakazi at large is demanding its rightful place in geography, history, politics, socially and administratively through his selfless efforts, zeal, devotion, inspiration and his desire to see his people lead dignified lives on their land of birth bequeathed to them by their forefathers.

To us as MLF, this is the darkest moment to go through because we have lost a genuine, determined, astute and gallant liberator for our people. We say may his soul continue inspire us to achieve the objectives we set to do for our nation.

The saddest part of this mishap is that he too like many of our people has died on foreign land and at a time when his remains may not be laid at the right place. Our people continue to perish on foreign lands, not out of choice but because of the ruthless and bloodthirsty regime that, for years, has sought to annihilate all people of Mthwakazi extraction from the face of earth through all means possible.

The departure of Magagula, must not dampen our spirits to fight for what is rightfully ours because the existential danger in Zimbabwe is still there. His departure must fuel and strengthen our resolve to achieve independence in our lifetime.

We owe it to Magagula and even more to our down trodden people who are scattered all over the world and those bearing the brunt of tyranny on daily basis at home.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!!!!!!!!