Mysterious Man Threatens To Eliminate Hilton Tamangani’s Father, “Boasts” Of Torturing MDC Alliance Youth Leaders
20 May 2020
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By Investigative Editor | A male Zimbabwean who is boasting of assaulting the three tortured MDC leaders Cecilia Chimbiri, Joana Mamombe, and Netsai Marova, has threatened to repeat the same on the late Hilton Tamangani’s Father.

The three were abducted after being arrested in Harare on the 13th of May last week, and following denials by the police who began saying they never arrested them, were found tortured and dumped in Musana, Bindura 2 days later, on Friday. (Their vehicle is still parked at the same police station since the 13th May 2020).

Tamangani was murdered by uniformed police officers in October last year, having also been cruelly denied medical attention, after being slapped with false charges of stealing police helmets.

On Monday night, during the heated moments when millions of Zimbabweans were circulating pictures of a certain Tawanda Mutesva, fingered by whistleblowers for abducting the three women, the aggressor appeared as if in a panic while telephoning Mr Tamangani twice via both voice and videocall, which calls were not successfully answered due to a technical glitch.
Soon after this, the aggressor began typing messages through to Tamangani.

In the written threats, the man appeared as if he is the same individual previously flighted on social networking website, Facebook, as the main suspect in abducting the three. He appeared more concerned about his pictures being published on the Facebook website, but left an open puzzle as he laid all the blame on Hilton Tamangani Senior.

The development comes as there is no connection whatsoever between the abducted women and Tamangani’s father, and the allegations against Tamangani of posting the aggressor’s pictures on Facebook, were found bizarre.

The only Zimbabwean man likely to be most worried about their pictures being posted on Facebook in the last week, is an abductor-suspect named by some whistleblowers on on Sunday night.

All this happened following an evening program on Sunday, when ZimEye telephoned an accused male whose pictures show him dressed in a blue suit- during the program, the accused continued to deny that he is linked to the abduction of the three. He was very aggressive and later on terminated the call after barely 2 minutes.

While on the same program, a victim of last year’s January brutality, Mr Owen Chari, telephoned to declare he strongly remembers the voice of this blue shirted man; as that of a man who during his own abduction last year, ordered that his legs be broken with a log, while assaulting him.

The aggressive man who contacted Mr. Tamangani on Monday night, telephoned and messaged him using a different number from the one ZimEye had used on Sunday night. The latest number registered in an evidently dummy name is as below:
the user packet traced through the Ecocash network. Since last year state agents have been noted for registering cell phone numbers using fake names for the purpose of carrying out their hit jobs.

Writing to Mr. Tamangani, via the WhatsApp platform, the man began accusing him (Tamangani) of posting his pictures on the Facebook website.

He started off by throwing an emoji of anger while saying:
“You are the next target kuda kukura musoro zvisina basa.” – you are trying to be big headed for nothing.

He began accusing Tamangani of labeling him the murderer of the late Tamangani son, Hilton, when in fact, the deceased’s father had only posted a picture of the three activists with a message accusing the Zimbabwean regime (or police) for ending his (junior’s) life in October last year.

“You said I killed ur son I saw ur post,” the aggressor wrote.
The extremely agitated man continued to rage on as if he is one of the police officers referred to by Mr Tamangani.

Tamangani then cited evidence saying he had only complained about police officers who killed his son.

He referred the aggressor to his original message posted on the Facebook website which reads:
This evil regime killed my son in very similar circumstances.

First the pariah state illegally arrested Hilton Tafadzwa Tamangani. Next; the scandalous regime isolated Hilton out of everyone’s reach. Just 7 days later, my Little Hilton was stone dead. Absolutely diabolic stuff.

Tamangani said: “You don’t understand. I reposted photo[s] of abducted women. And I said that’s what police did to my son. Where are you getting it wrong?”
To this, the aggressor, replied with an insult, saying: “PASURI?”

Tamangani then asked: “Are you the one who killed my son ?,” and he answered saying: “Ingoziva kt paukuuya ma1 chaiwo coz zvanakakugadzirira you will be shocked.” – just know that when you return (to Zimbabwe), you will be shocked when you see what I will do to you. ”

Speaking to ZimEye last night, Mr Tamangani said, “This guy honestly thought I am the one who posted that photograph of the man who people are saying abducted the three girls.
“He honestly believed that it is me. That’s why in the conversation, he says why did you post my photograph.

“He honestly believed that it is me. And that is where we are coming from … It was a damaging photograph… ”
ZimEye has performed several packet tracing forensics one of which was the simple method using the Ecocash network.


  1. He already has prior hatred (fear or irritation) for me, says Tamangani.
  2. The person threatening Tamangani is the same person whose picture was advertised as one of the abductors of the three MDC female leaders.
  3. The only person who could be worried about his picture being posted on Facebook, in the last week, is this suspect named on on Sunday night.
  4. He is the one responsible for abducting the three: Cecilia’, Joana, and Netsai. He even tacitly and directly confesses so, threatening Tamangani while saying: “You are the next target kuda kukura musoro zvisina basa.” – being big headed for nothing.
    ZimEye reveals the full WhatsApp chat below

18/05/2020, 18:50 – Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info.
18/05/2020, 18:50 – +263 77 872 4684: ?
18/05/2020, 18:51 – +263 77 872 4684: You are the next target kuda kukura musoro zvisina basa
18/05/2020, 18:52 – +263 77 872 4684: Ndakakumirira paunodzoka ziva zveku poster pamhata
18/05/2020, 18:54 – +263 77 872 4684: Missed voice call
18/05/2020, 18:54 – +263 77 872 4684: Missed video call
18/05/2020, 18:57 – +263 77 872 4684: Urikudei
18/05/2020, 18:57 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: It’s you phoning me.
18/05/2020, 18:57 – +263 77 872 4684: ImbWa
18/05/2020, 18:58 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: What have I done to you.
18/05/2020, 18:58 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: ???
18/05/2020, 18:59 – +263 77 872 4684: You said I killed ur son I saw ur post
18/05/2020, 19:00 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: What post ??? I always say Zimbabwe police killed my son.
18/05/2020, 19:00 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: And that’s what happened. Police killed my son.
18/05/2020, 19:00 – +263 77 872 4684: Why did you post my pic on Facebook
18/05/2020, 19:02 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: You don’t understand. I reposted photo of abducted women. And I said that’s what police did to my son. Where are you getting it wrong ???
18/05/2020, 19:03 – +263 77 872 4684: PASURI?
18/05/2020, 19:04 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: Are you the one who killed my son ???
18/05/2020, 19:05 – +263 77 872 4684: Ingoziva kt paukuuya ma1 chaiwo coz zvanakakugadzirira you will be shocked
18/05/2020, 19:05 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: Are you the one who killed my son ???
18/05/2020, 19:06 – +263 77 872 4684: Will answer you pauchauya
18/05/2020, 19:07 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: Maybe you’re a coward. See you later then.
18/05/2020, 19:07 – +263 77 872 4684: Iri boe mdhara
18/05/2020, 19:08 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: Watch for posts. More coming.
18/05/2020, 19:09 – +263 77 872 4684: Olk the coward will be waiting for your return
18/05/2020, 19:09 – +263 77 872 4684: Olk waiting
18/05/2020, 19:09 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: Am also waiting to meet all those who killed my son.
18/05/2020, 19:10 – +263 77 872 4684: Olk
18/05/2020, 19:12 – +263 77 872 4684: Wakajaidzwa neshamwari dzamai vako just wait and see zvanichakuita
18/05/2020, 19:12 – +263 77 872 4684: dakuripaza zimusoro iroro
18/05/2020, 19:13 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: Very fake. You cant even admit kuti you killed my son.
18/05/2020, 19:14 – +263 77 872 4684: Boe mdhara ndatopedza nemi so
18/05/2020, 19:14 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: A coward killed my son. What a joke.
18/05/2020, 19:15 – +263 77 872 4684: We shall see
18/05/2020, 19:16 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: You killed my son.
18/05/2020, 19:17 – +263 77 872 4684: zvawafunga路♀
18/05/2020, 19:17 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: Why are you angry at me. That’s what I don’t understand.
18/05/2020, 19:18 – +263 77 872 4684: Ndapedza newe shaa
18/05/2020, 19:20 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: Ndiwe wandi tanga. Ndiwe uri kundi tuka. You are threatening me. Of course I want to know why.
18/05/2020, 19:22 – +263 77 872 4684: Go to hell
18/05/2020, 19:24 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: I thought you phoned me to tell me how I wronged you.
18/05/2020, 19:26 – +263 77 872 4684: Rara iwe wakundinyaudza nxaaa
18/05/2020, 19:27 – Hilton Tamangani OCOG: I killed nobody. You won’t find me in hell.

Man who threatened Hilton Tamangani father’s contact information