WATCH LIVE- “Dead” Beitbridge Woman Speaks
22 May 2020
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Noleen Moyo

By A Correspondent- According to the social media message doing the rounds, Noleen Moyo died at a Beitbridge quarantine facility.

Read the message circulating on whatsapp which is in vernacular:

“If there is anyone who knows Noleen Moyo, please contact the police in Beitbridge urgently. Noleen Moyo died in quarantine yesterday. She arrived yesterday aboard a Delta bus from Johannesburg, South Africa. Her next of kin number is not reachable. Thank you in advance to all those who will assist.”

ZimEye can exclusively reveal that Moyo is not dead as alleged by the message and the publication spoke to her and this is what she said:

“Good afternoon to you all, how was your day?

I am Noleen Moyo I come back to you again. I know that there are some people who did not go on Facebook and many are seeing my pictures in many groups.

I would like to apologise to all of you who were troubled. I am here I am well I am not feeling ill in any way.

I don’t know who was notorious to the point of spreading this rumour. Please tell everyone that I am alive and well.

I don’t know who did this and who sent them. I neither can tell why they did it. Yes in WhatsApp groups, that is where this rumour is rife.

I know that so far they are some who now know that I am Alive. Thank you, you all who were phoning me to check on me. I’m here we are together right here on Facebook I don’t know what lies they are going to post again tomorrow.

I’m really sorry to those who are hurt by the rumour. You know people can do strange things from time to time.”

watch the live video loading below….