Prominent SA Actresses Arrested
9 June 2020
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Rhythm City actress Mbali Zakwe, who portrays “Sindiswa” and Eve Rasimeni, who portrays “Dikki” in the drama Z’bondiwe on Friday were arrested after they allegedly beat the caretaker of their complex.

The actresses allegedly got into an argument with the complex caretaker over loud music according to a report by Sunday World they were charged with assault and attempt to cause grievous bodily harm.

Rasimeni speaking to the publication said that on the day of the incident she was celebrating her birthday at her Sandridge apartment and the caretaker at around 12pm came to tell them to switch off the music as it was too loud.

The actress told Sunday World that she refused to switch off the music as asked by the caretaker, as the complex rules stipulated that tenants cannot play loud music from 10 pm. The caretaker then left the apartment and allegedly cut off the electricity supply.

“I then took a sjambok and went to his office, Mbali followed me. When we arrived in the office, the woman who works with the caretaker started filming Mbali. That’s when hell broke loose,” explained Rasimeni.

“Mbali tried to remove the camera from her face and the fight ensued between them. That’s when we started sjamboking them.

The caretaker punched me, grabbed the sjambok from me, and started beating me with it.”

Rasimeni and Zakwe are currently out on bail and have laid counter-charges.-Chronicle