“We Were Not There During The Harvest House Takeover”: Army Maintains
9 June 2020
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By A Correspondent- Army spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi has maintained that there were no soldiers involved during the June 5 2020 Harvest House takeover.

In an exclusive interview with ZimEye, Colonel Mugwisi said there was no video evidence showing the involvement of the army, accusing the media of crafting falsehoods regards the presence of the army at Harvest House on the day in question.

He said:

“I have seen it (the video footage at Harvest House), there are no soldiers, It’s just somebody alleging that there are soldiers inside. …It’s not correct. I am not going to talk about the police officers.”

Colonel Mugwisi however refused to respond to the allegations made by the police officer in the video clip saying:

“We are interpreting the video differently… what have the soldiers said there in that video clip. I don’t want to talk about the police. I have other things to do and will not talk to you. We did not deploy any soldiers to Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House. We end it here. Thank you very much. Have a good day.”