MDC Alliance 2023 Fundraiser Kick-Off Event
10 June 2020
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On 31 May 2020, the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance’s external province, North America Province (NAP), launched its inaugural 2023 general election fundraising campaign in ways its chairperson hopes will be permanently etched in the party’s history. The event had record attendance from its members in Canada and the United States and raised in excess of US$11,000. A senior source close to the initiative stated that, “we felt humbled and honoured to know that our Advocate Nelson Chamisa supported this initiative and sent his best wishes.”

Tawanda Dzvokora, chairman of NAP spearheaded the endeavor along with the Provincial Executive Committee. By the meeting’s end, they had 29 donors all of which were Zimbabweans living in Canada and the United States.

The virtual, video fundraising launch was attended by senior, national office-bearers of the MDC Alliance, hundreds of members, and supporters within its overseas provinces. Among the National Executive Council attending the historic event were vice presidents Lynette Karenyi-Kore and Professor Welshman Ncube. In addition, David Coltart, senator and national treasurer, Lilian Timveos, senator and national deputy treasurer, and Amos Chibaya, national organizing secretary also attended the launch event. Representatives from MDC Alliance-UK and Ireland (chairman, Mr. Chamburuka and his executive team), MDC Alliance Germany (chairperson), and MDC Alliance South Africa (Treasurer General) were part of the participants in their groundbreaking event.

“The election engine needs oiling and service,” said Chibaya during the kick-off event.

Additionally, the members of the National Executive Council spoke in commendation of the campaign. Key themes of the speeches were of encouragement to its member base to stay true to their cause and not to forget the end goal of a democratic Zimbabwe.

Speaking at this event, Senator Coltart told attendees, “We will be accountable for all donations. Let’s fund ourselves and a website will be completed soon to raise more money for the party.”

Senator Coltart discussed the importance of funding for the party. Updating the members, Coltart shared some details about the party’s future website, whose design is now well underway, saying that it will enable them to obtain correct information and for supporters to make donations. Speaking extensively on accountability, he applauded the provincial executive leaders for putting systems in place that would ensure safeguarding of its party’s funds. Representatives from the other countries expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn from the NAP pledging to raise money for their cause through similar initiatives.

Karenyi-Kore’s speech focused on unity within the party. She emphasized that conflict and factionalism would never help in building the party. Her counterpart, Ncube said that Zimbabwe’s judiciary has further exposed their captured systems in its dealings with the MDC Alliance. He said, “We are not deterred by dubious court decisions.”

Members reaffirmed their values and emphasized the MDC Alliance is committed to fighting for the freedom of Zimbabweans under the leadership of the movement’s president, Nelson Chamisa. The external provinces strongly maintain they are a formidable opponent to their rival, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU PF ), that has been in power since the country’s independence from colonial rule in 1980. In recent weeks, the MDC Alliance has been the recipient of a barrage of attacks from this political opponent.

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Despite the country’s struggling economy compounded by the COVID-19 global pandemic along with the National Lockdown measures that come with it, the NAP and other external assembly members say they refuse to give up on fighting for a better Zimbabwe and repeatedly stressed their commitment to achieving their party’s goals. Dzvokora, and the members of the North America Province which he leads, have vowed to continue their work of mobilising funds and staying focused on the road to the 2023 general elections. Along this journey, they plan to use some of the monies raised for their political rallies, party regalia and election-related costs.

Karenyi-Kore ended with a reminder to the fundraising launch initiative saying to the elated participants, “Dzoka uyamwe.” [Translation from Shona: you will return and nurse from your mother] as she alluded North America Province members kinship ties with the land of their birth.

Article co-authored by Pamela Mawoyo and Pearl Matibe (Twitter: @Pearl Matibe).