Jonathan Moyo Says Chamisa Must Not Gag Party Officials
13 June 2020
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Chamisa and Fadzayi Mahere
Chamisa insists that only spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere speaks to media.

FORMER Cabinet Minister and MDC Alliance sympathizer Professor Jonathan Moyo has said reports that Nelson Chamisa has gagged party officials from speaking their own views on social media platforms reduces the party into a “toothpaste company” and exposes Chamisa as a “Stanilist and control freak”.

Lately, several top opposition officials including Job Sikhala and Dr. Tapiwa Mashakada had turned to social media and online publications to air their views on party issues, but the Daily News reports that Chamisa has gagged all officials.

The report says Chamisa insists that only spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere speaks to media.

Responding to the developments, Professor Moyo said on Twitter: “Pray this is not true. Only Stalinists and control freaks restrict messaging to a select group of party apparatchiks.”

The self-exiled Moyo said that in political movements, as many people must be able to speak and articulate the party position, but was quick to add that this was achievable where leadership instils discipline in the party.

“In political communication, it’s not about WHO should speak but WHAT should be said by EVERYONE: message discipline. What’s needed are MANY voices with One message!” said Moyo, who revealed that he funded the MDC Alliance election campaign in 2018.

When Moyo was told by one of his followers that it was important for the sake of professionalism to have only the spokesperson speak on politics, the political science guru dismissed the idea of gagging people on their own private social media platforms.

“That may be true for toothpaste companies, not for political parties!” Moyo retorted.

The Chamisa camp has been hit by reports that apart from Sikhala and Mashakada, six legislators will next week make a switch to the rival opposition camp led by Thokozani Khupe

iHarare/Daily News