Zim Academic Lands Top UK University Job
13 June 2020
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The Centre for Gender Studies is pleased to announce the appointment of Everjoice Win as Professor of Practice. Everjoice Win is currently International Director for Programmes and Global Engagement at ActionAid.

Everjoice Win

Speaking about the appointment Everjoice Win said: “It is a great honour and privilege to be invited as Professor of Practice by a prestigious institution such as SOAS. I am humbled and thrilled that SOAS has created this space for activist-practitioners like myself, to contribute and share our experience to the growing body of feminist knowledge, theory and practice. I particularly look forward to engaging with younger feminists, students, especially those who are building new movements and organising in this fast evolving world.”

Dr Awino Okech, Chair of the Centre for Gender Studies said: “The Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS is very pleased to welcome Everjoice Win as a Professor of Practice. EJ as she is known amongst her comrades is a feminist practitioner and activist who has provided thought leadership and supported feminist movements working on HIV/AIDS, feminist leadership in organisations, women’s political leadership and civil society organising more broadly. EJ has the rare talent of balancing community organising in contexts where material conditions often mean the space for dialogue about structural transformation can be limited whilst providing blue sky thinking about transnational organising. EJ not only brings an extensive body of work from the African continent that spans over thirty years but also has a history of organising with movements and actively supporting feminist and cross-movement work in over 30 countries in the global south.”

Everjoice Win has been active in feminist and social justice movements in Zimbabwe, the African continent and globally. She started her development career with a feminist organization- Women’s Action Group, in Zimbabwe, where she designed and implemented popular education and community-based development programs as well as national policy advocacy campaigns. Everjoice is one of the founders of the Zimbabwe National Constitutional Assembly, a civil society network, which spearheaded constitutional transformation in that country. In the 1990s, EJ worked with the Pan-African Women in Law and Development in Africa, (WiLDAF). The network brought together legal rights, human rights, and development organizations to demystify the law, raise women and excluded communities’ consciousness of their rights, and influence governments to promote and protect women’s human rights. Working collectively with other feminists Everjoice’s work transformed and shaped the women’s human rights landscape across some 24+ African countries. This includes the passing of new laws and policies on domestic violence, inheritance as well as shifting societal norms and values.