17 Zimbabwean Govt Ministries Websites Hacked
17 June 2020
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A group of politically motivated hackers Ghost Squad Hackers (GSH) famous for hacking:

  1. Central banks,
  2. Fox News and CNN,
  3. Leaking sensitive data of the United States Armed Forces,
  4. Leaking sensitive data of the Israeli government,
  5. Hijacking Afghanistan’s Chief Executive’s Twitter

have reportedly hacked 17 Zimbabwean government Websites which is so far their largest cyberattack of this kind, Techunzipped reports,

According to the publication, websites affected by the hack include websites run by the army, the Ministry of defence, the surveyor-general and the treasury department and it is still not clear if user data has been affected so far but the website seem to have been suspended for now.

These are the websites that have been hacked according to the publication:

  1. http://www.defence.gov.zw
  2. http://www.chipingerdc.gov.zw
  3. http://www.cle.gov.zw
  4. http://www.dlvs.gov.zw
  5. http://www.masvingoprovince.gov.zw
  6. http://www.mopsemashwest.gov.zw
  7. http://www.mstd.gov.zw
  8. http://www.myiee.gov.zw
  9. http://www.pmu.zimtreasury.gov.zw
  10. http://www.mod.gov.zw
  11. http://www.postelectionviolencecommission.gov.zw
  12. http://www.rg.gov.zw
  13. http://www.surveyorgeneral.gov.zw
  14. http://www.surveyorgeneraldemo.gov.zw
  15. http://www.zimconnected.gov.zw
  16. http://www.zimcop.gov.zw
  17. http://www.zna.gov.zw