VIDEO-GEORGE FLOYD IN ZIMBABWE: Assaulted By ZRP Cops At Tagwirei’s Sakunda Garage
18 June 2020
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By Farai D Hove| Another George Floyd outrage has erupted in Plumtree where Zimbabwe Republic Police officers assaulted a motorist at Kuda Tagwirei’s Sakunda Petrol Station.

Mr Archfofrd Zhanje was attacked after complaining over exemptions given certain motorists there.

Zhanje was assaulted to the point of sustaining a dislocated bone joint. Speaking on video, he narrates it as follows:

Fellow Zimbabweans, my name is Archford Zhanje, i am based in Plumtree, Plumtree border post.

Yesterday we were at Sakunda garage in the line for fuel, while waiting; it was now at 4.30pm, when the manager came to announce they have shut the garage.

“At that time two cars arrived, one of them was for a chief, and the other for another chief. For sure, I know that both are chiefs.

“They all pumped out fuel, then came two cars belonging to immigration officers, they also pumped out.

“Then there was another third group which arrived. It was way after 4.30pm, all garages were now shut, all these people were said to have been exempted.

“What I want to know, is when people are exempted, are they exempted to the point of jumping the queue?

“The crime I’m accused of which got me injured…

“I dislocated an arm, here, and I have some chest pains.

“I have my medical report here. This is my medical report, written by the doctor, they are saying I was injured. The police put a metal on me.

“I had complained saying how are you putting fuel after you have shut the garage? How come?

“The manager at Sakunda then told this garage is not for your family.

“He then ordered the police officer to arrest me.”