Top Zim Radio Personality In Dead Body Saga
26 June 2020
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Tinopona Katsande

Former Studio 263 actress and radio personality Tinopona Katsande allegedly ferried her close friend’s corpse to her relatives without informing the police after she collapsed and died at her home.

Katsande reportedly hired a taxi to ferry the 45-year-old Rebecca Chinyerere’s body after she collapsed in a bathing room at the actress’ apartment in Belvedere on Tuesday.

The case was reported at Avondale Police Station under RRB number 4381451.

Uncle to the deceased, Ishmael Chinyerere, who is also family spokesperson, told H-Metro that Katsande’s conduct left them with more questions than answers. He said:

We know that death is there but the way Katsande failed to respect it left us with more questions than answers.

After she saw that her (Tino) friend had collapsed while naked, she went on to clothe her.

If we had known the cause we would say okay. She came and picked up my daughter only for her to come later with her dead body.

Katsande had picked Rebecca from her family home on Monday on the understanding that she would return the following morning since she was going with her two sons.

However, on Tuesday evening, Katsande brought home Rebecca’s body with her two sons in the same car.

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