Police Officers Turning Into Street Vendors?
1 July 2020
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Online Sources

Members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) have slowly started turning into street vendors across the major cities in Zimbabwe as the economic hardships keep on biting them.

Pictures have started trending online of police officers selling fruits and vegetables across the capital city of Zimbabwe as they try to find a little income to supplement the paltry salary they receive from the state.

This is a sign of the tough times the working class of Zimbabwe is experiencing. Years ago, becoming a policeman was once an occupation many cherished but now they are reduced to vending!

One social media analyst said “It was never supposed to get to this tragic and deplorable point for officers in uniform. But they too have families to feed!”

This all steams from the effects of the looting of public funds. Top government officials in Zimbabwe do not get punished whenever the loot and corruption is rife in the country.

This has reduced all to vagabonds!