Ngarivhume Ready To Lead Mass Protests Against Mnangagwa Administration
3 July 2020
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Farai Dziva|Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume says he is ready to lead peaceful protests against Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration.

According to Ngarivhume, Mnangagwa has dismally failed to revive the economy.

In a statement Transform Zimbabwe said:

Jacob Ngarivhume is a man on a mission. His vision is to liberate Zimbabwe from its former liberators who have now become its captors.

He has stepped in to fill the leadership vacuum.

Zimbabwe has been on a knife edge for some time. The economy which has been on auto pilot has finally hit rock bottom. ED’s clueless government is scratching everywhere but can not find answers. Corruption has reached unprecedented levels, with the recent Covigate which implicated and embarrassed the First family, a case in point.

Zimbabweans are fed up and are ready to confront this bloodsucking animal called ZANU PF government.

The restless and impoverished civil servants are demanding US denominated salaries.

Nurses have already downed tools. Vendors are locked down at home under this covid induced lockdown, while the cost of living continues to skyrocket.

Mthulism has surely failed the nation.

The democratic space has continued to shrink with alleged abductions every month. Rumours of an imminent coup are everywhere while the nation is being railroaded into another Constitutional amendment meant to give the incumbent almighty power.

And these are desperate times indeed.

Writing on his twitter handle, Ngarivhume issued a call encouraging citizens to unite

He also promised to lead from the front on the 31st of July 2020:

“It’s not about politicians, it’s about the nation, our children, our future.

Jacob Ngarivhume