Woman Seeks Help For Sick Baby
11 July 2020
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A South Africa-based Zimbabwean single mother is seeking R20 000 for medical treatment of her visually impaired 18-month-old baby suffering from hydrocephalus.

The condition causes an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in baby Liam Dube’s brain.

Baby Liam

He requires constant draining of the fluid from his head but this has been hampered by shortage of funds.

Liam’s mother Ms Lisa Dube is struggling to meet her son’s medical needs as she is not employed and needs to constantly watch over him.

The minor has had three medical operations and some have caused complications that have caused the boy to become blind.

Liam’s father is said to have walked out of his son’s life.

Ms Dube does not qualify for South Africa’s medical grants because she is a foreigner.

Touched by Liam’s situation a Mr Shobane Mgwenya has initiated a GoFundme to drum up support for the baby’s medical bill.

Those who wish to donate to the initiative can also deposit funds in Capitec Account 1645390118.

Mr Mgwenya said he took the initiative to fundraise for the baby because his sibling died of the same disease.