Former DeMbare Striker Now A Pastor
2 August 2020
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Former Warriors coach Ian ‘Dibango’ Gorowa is now pursuing a new path in life after he excused himself from the frontlines of football.

Gorowa who led the national team to the Chan semifinals in 2014 completed his theological studies and is now a pastor with the AFM church in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Speaking to Sunday Mail, the 49-year old said that he could not resist the urge to trade football with the call to preach the gospel.

“Calling is calling, you have to adhere to it. Football is a gift from God, and I thank the Lord for that,” he said.

“Preaching the word is something I really enjoy. Life is a journey, but while it is a journey, you must make sure or make an effort to walk that journey on the right path; that is with Jesus.

“So I could say I took the path of Jesus. For the word says (John 14:6) ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’ .”

Gorowa joins the list of other football figures that left the sport to preach the gospel. These include former Lengthens and CAPS United mentor Jostein Mathuthu, ex-referee Felix Tangawarima and Tauya Murewa who played for Dynamos-Soccer 24

Ian Dibango Gorowa