Nurses Tell Mnangagwa To Provide PPEs And US Dollar Salaries Before Considering His Plea
3 August 2020
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The Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) has said it will continue with the strike despite President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s plea for health workers to return to work for the well-being of the nation.

ZINA president Enock Dongo said nurses understand Mnangagwa’s plea but the government has to provide adequate protective personal equipment (PPEs) and pay health workers in foreign currency before they can return to work. Said Dongo:

Health Apex fully understands the President’s plea but they are requesting the president to address the fundamental issues which lead to withdrawing of labour first.

Those are the salary issue, they are incapacitated to report for duty and the environment is not safe as evidenced by so many health workers now who have tested positive hence PPE must be available first and salary in USD.

While addressing mourners during the burial of the late Lands Minister Perrance Shiri, Mnangagwa pleaded with health workers to report for duty while the government looks into their grievances.

Doctors and nurses have been on strike for over forty days (in the case of nurses). The health workers downed tools citing incapacitation and lack of PPEs.

When nurses staged demonstrations at their places of work, they were beaten with batons by police.