“Enough Is Enough,” Mnangagwa Warning As #Zimbabweanlivesmatter Goes Viral
4 August 2020
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Own Correspondent

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has burst out against what he called “rogue Zimbabweans acting in league with foreign detractors” who are sabotaging him in running the country.

In a surprise early morning address to the nation from State House Tuesday morning Mnangagwa spoke angrily inferring to the viral #zimbabewanlivesmatter which is shaking the world’s social media after government’s brutal crackdown on organisers of foiled anti-government protests.

Mnangagwa declared “enough is enough”, insisting his administration has not been given a chance since inception to pursue its programmes uninterrupted.

Mnangagwa said “those who promote hate and disharmony will never win”, “the bad apples that have attempted to divide our people…will never win”.

“We make no apologies for fixing our systems across, political, social and economic spectrum…” said the Zimbabwean leader.

Mnangagwa said attacks against his administration were being launched at a time government was “entrenching democracy and rule of law”.

Mnangagwa was adamant Zimbabwe’s security forces, “will carry out with strictness and resolve” against what he described as terrorist opposition groupings.

Mnangagwa said “dark forces both inside and outside our borders have tampered with our growth for too long” adding, “Enough is enough…will defend it from all form of attack.”