Linda Masarira Writes Back to Julias Malema
4 August 2020
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1/ Dear @Julius_S_Malema • Zimbabwe is a sovereign nation and not an extension of South Africa. • Zimbabweans are more than able to champion their own progress. • If you are serious about Zimbabwean lives, start by organizing protests against Xenophobia.

2/ I haven’t heard you speakout about Zimbabweans who are being left to die in South Africa from #COVID19. I expect you to lead a campaign for the issuing of work permits to Millions of Zimbabweans working in South Africa. #ZimbabweanLivesMatter #EveryLifeMatters

3/ Political ambition is good but one should not seek political mileage over anothers misfortune. Stop using Zimbabwe as your campaign card. Sort out RSA issues instead of meddling in our affairs. SA has worse inequalities, violence etc to address, yet you want to play prefect.

4/ As Zimbabweans we will engage each other &resolve our issues as one family Indeed #ZimbabweanLivesMatter #SouthAfricansLivesMatter too Stop Xenophobia on Zimbabweans in SA, it’s inhuman &uncalled for We wont allow grandstanding Let us all endeavour to fix our home ground first