UK: Zimbabwean Father Arrested by Police after Self Defence Against Whites Saved By CCTV Footage | BREAKING NEWS.
12 August 2020
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A Zimbabwean father in Chelmsford who was arrested by British Police after attacking back a gang of Caucasian males who jumped the fence to assault his son, has been saved by CCTV footage after sleeping in the police cells last night.

Mr (real name withheld for his protection), together with his son, slept in police cells as his wife and neighbours were left struggling for clues on how to deal with the police action.

Both CCTV and common footage show how a group of police officers arrived to arrest the man while in the act of self defence for both him and his son yesterday afternoon.

A social worker and a lawyer spent the night assisting the wife as she also said was afraid of going back him.

At 7.30am, Wednesday ZimEye was informed that the father and son have since been released following the attack.

ZimEye interviews the wife