Shock As Boy Is Killed Over Snooker Dispute
23 August 2020
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A FIGHT over a black ball in a game of pool ended tragically after three men allegedly struck a Chipinge teenager last week.

Benjamin Mukwakwami (19) died upon admission at St Peter’s Mission Hospital in Chisumbanje after he had been struck several times all over his body by John Mlambo (23), Brighton Mureya (18) and Clemence Mureya (26).

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa confirmed the incident and said it happened at Tuzuka Business Centre, which is under Chief Musikavanhu’s area.

“Benjamin and his brother Munorweyi were playing pool while John, Brighton and Clemence were drinking beer.

“The black ball rolled towards John. He took it and hid it in his jacket,” said Inspector Kakohwa.
“Benjamin confronted John over the issue and a fight ensued.

Munorweyi tried to intervene but John’s friends — Brighton and Clemence — ganged up against Benjamin.

“John went away and came back brandishing a machete and struck Benjamin twice on the neck. A shop attendant, Alois Runawo, grabbed the machete and closed the shop,” said Inspector Kakohwa.

John, Brighton and Clemence then went home, while Benjamin and Munorweyi also retired to their home.

“Later that night, Brighton went to Benjamin’s homestead armed with a wooden log.

He struck Benjamin several times all over the body and left him unconscious.

He also struck Munorweyi, who then managed to escape.

“As Benjamin was bleeding profusely, he was ferried to St Peter’s Mission Hospital. Unfortunately he died upon admission,” said Inspector Kakohwa.

John, Brighton and Clemence were arrested and are assisting police with investigations.

Inspector Kakohwa appealed to members of the public to desist from resorting to violence when solving their differences.
— Manica Post