“Ace” ZANU PF Couple Clashes Over Nelson Chamisa
24 August 2020
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Paul Nyathi

Monica and Christopher Mutsvangwa

Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa and her husband Christopher Mutsvangwa might not be coming out of the same house after all, as the two ZANU PF heavy weights have expressed two completely varied opinions over opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s “Kudira Jecha” statement.

Mutsvangwa recently told journalists during a cabinet media briefing that problems being experienced by the country emanated from post-2018 election vows by the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa that President Emmerson Mnangagwa would not find sleep in his rule.

“We all know that after the 2018 elections, the opposition MDC Alliance spoke about pouring sand (hamutongi tichadira jecha) on Mnangagwa’s reign and this is a public message.

“They have not stopped.”

“Some countries have imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe. These have caused divisions among families. They have stage-managed abduction stories. There is an enemy in Zimbabwe,” she said.

Her husband, Christopher Mutsvangwa, in a Sunday Mail column however differed with her claiming that Chamisa has completely failed to effect his threat claiming that Mnangagwa has conquered and bringing the country to prosperity.

Mutsvangwa wrote:

“Nelson Chamisa and his MDC-Alliance lost the election in the July 2018 elections of the post-Mugabe era.

“Reacting to this loss, he cockily pronounced that it was of no consequence.”

“His agenda henceforth would be to ensure that the country is ungovernable through extra-parliamentary and extra-constitutional disruption.”

“Mutakura wacho tichaudira jecha tigoona kuti achaudya ndiani?”

Here was a self-proclaimed man of God embracing the mutually assured destructive path of biblical strongman Samson of the Temple.

There was an assured confidence of a defiant loser.

On what nuclear option weapon was he standing upon?

For the answer, dial Biti, his vice president of revolving MDC doors and a darling of the intrusive Washington neo-liberal practitioners of regime change in Zimbabwe.

Boasting of his legalistic command of complex financial matters, he gloated, “Mnangagwa can rig elections, but he cannot rig the economy!”

Why such political prancing by the two ambitious MDC stalwarts?”

Mutsvangwa goes on to mock Chamisa:

“President Mnangagwa’s mantra “Zimbabwe Is Open for Business” has acquired a potent and cogent expression.

“Welcome to on-ramp onto the highway to the middle-income status Zimbabwe by 2030.

“Sorry Chamisa, the dira jecharist. Zvakona! Mutakura wotonakisa.

“Pity to Biti. EDM has gone so far as to rig the economy.”

“As for detractors and doomsayers, ZDERA sanctions now face a potent weapon in a normalised economic and financial landscape.”