President Chamisa Confronts Zanu PF Hoodlums Over Spilling Blood Of Innocent Citizens
29 August 2020
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President Chamisa

Farai Dziva|MDC Alliance president, Advocate Nelson Chamisa has warned Zanu PF against spilling the blood of innocent people.

Addressing mourners at the Dzamara family homestead in Mutoko on Friday, President Chamisa said the blood of innocent people would return to haunt Zanu PF bigwigs.

President Chamisa also paid tribute to Itai and Patson Dzamara for mustering the courage to denounce Zanu PF tyranny.

Said President Chamisa:
“This family produced two gallant heroes who were killed for denouncing Zanu PF’s evil machinations.

Let me warn those who are killing innocent people -the blood of those you are murdering will haunt you.

The blood of innocent people shall speak against you.

Are you vampires that thrive on drinking blood? You have your blood so why do you want to kill innocent people?

Don’t abuse liberation war maxims.Zanu PF is using ruthless tactics to silence its perceived opponents but that will not stop the wave of change.

He also urged MDC Alliance members to shun violence: ” Please let’s avoid offensive slogans, we don’t want that in the Movement for Democratic Change. We are not a violent party and let’s prove that we are a people’s movement.”