Great Zim Lecturer Diagnosed With Colon Cancer At 41.
6 September 2020
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Personal message

My name is Debby Bonnin, I live in Pretoria, South Africa.  I work at the University of Pretoria where I teach Sociology.

I, together with one of my colleagues, Catherine Burns, are raising funds for our colleague and former student Farai Maunganidze.

Farai is 41 years old and lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.  I came to know him well in 2018 when I was appointed as a mentor for his post-doctoral studies at the University of Pretoria.  Despite having a wife and three young daughters he left them behind to travel to Pretoria so that he could improve his qualifications and provide a better future for them.

Farai is one of the most upbeat, cheerful, hardworking people I know. But he was dealt a blow at the end of last year when a biopsy indicated he had Colorectal cancer.  The cancer was at an early stage and treatable but the collapse of Zimbabwe’s public health system made it impossible for him to receive treatment.  When Farai realized the cost of private healthcare he gave up and accepted his fate.

Recently when we, his colleagues, found out about his cancer we felt we could not be quiet.  Farai is a valued member of our small community. He is a lecturer at the Great Zimbabwe University and has so much to offer his students.  He is a hardworking emerging academic with a great future.  He is the father of three young daughters (N is 15, K is 11 and M is 5), who need him to be there as they grow up.  And he is the loving husband of Vimbai, herself a teacher.

Hyperinflation and the collapse of the Zimbabwe economy mean that despite both Farai and his wife working, they are not able to afford medical care. Even though he is often in pain Farai prioritizes buying food for his family over his health needs.  That is just the person he is.

Through the goodwill of friends, Farai has been introduced to medical doctors in Harare who are willing to assist him.  Some are offering their services at reduced costs.   However, beating cancer is an expensive journey.   We, his friends and colleagues, have set up this fundraiser in order to support him in this fight.  We want him to see his children grow up.  We want him to continue to make a mark in his chosen career.  We want him to continue being the loving supportive husband he is to his wife.

Farai is in need of funds in order to get a clear diagnosis of his cancer so that the correct treatment plan can be worked out.  Thereafter he will need funds for treatment.


The funds will be used for:

Tests Required for Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
Iron tablets and painkillers – US$16.00 per month (R280/mth)
U&E Blood test – US$16.00 (R280)
CT Scan (discounted price) – US$100.00 (R1750)
Liver function tests – US$30.00 (R525)
Chest  X-ray – US$30.00 (R525)


Iron tablets and painkillers – US$16.00 per month (R280/mth)


Procedure 1 – Diverting Colostomy.  Funds needed for surgical fees, anaesthetist, hospital stay. Estimated costs: US$ 2,200.00 .

Procedure 2 – Chemo-radiotherapy to reduce tumor.  Estimated costs: US$ 3,500.00

Procedure 3 – Surgery to remove the tumor.  Estimated costs: awaiting quotes but this could be up to US$ 10,000.00

Procedure 4 – Post-op chemotherapy.  Estimated costs: awaiting quotes but this could be US$ 1,000.00

Miscellanous & buffer: US$ 3,000.00

These costs are guestimates (we will update with exact costs and treatment plan as it becomes available).  Farai’s doctors estimate in total his treatment could cost US$20,000.00


UPDATE: We have raised sufficient funds to pay for the diagnostic tests and procedure 1.

The diagnostic tests have all been completed.

To keep up-to-date with Farai’s progress and treatment follow Future for Faria on:



MEDIA STORIES: Hope for Zim lecturer again as former mentor in SA raises funds and help for his cancer treatment. Times Live, 4 September 2020.