Neville Mutsvangwa Bank Account Fresh Details
9 September 2020
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Neville Mutsvangwa has been in the media over an alleged 750 000 account that was frozen by Nedbank. A source close to the saga revealed that facts surrounding the matter have been twisted to suit a narrative.

An officer of the law who is close to the investigation availed to this reporter records that show that the account had 750 000 ZWL and not 750 000 USD as claimed by social media and other media reports.

Said the source, “The fact of the matter is that Neville Mutsvangwa is a victim of cyber crime and fraud as there is a third party who has had access to the account. It was on this realisation that Neville Mutsvangwa asked the bank to freeze the account pending investigation into how his account was losing large sums of money without his authorisation.

“It is not true that Neville Mutsvangwa had 750 000 USD and it is not true that Neville Mutsvangwa was using the account for illicit activity.”

The matter is now being investigated by the police and the Reserve Bank is also monitoring the developments closely.