ANC Envoy “ Steeped in Bonafide Pan-Africanist Spirit” Found No Crisis in Zimbabwe
10 September 2020

By Nomusa Garikai | I did not expect much to come out of the Zanu PF and ANC high powered meeting still I never imagined the meeting would be such a total waste of time. Zanu PF leaders are over the moon, the meeting was a great success!

“The Zimbabwe African Nationalist Union Patriotic Front is indebted to the steeped bona fide pan-Africanist spirit which facilitated the convening of the inter-party dialogue with our sister revolutionary party the African National Congress (ANC),” wrote Dr Obert Mpofu, Zanu-PF secretary for Administration, who also chaired the meeting.

“This opportune turn to dialogue is a response to the generously misrepresented Zimbabwean crisis following the Zimbabwean Lives Matter social media trend which has become the cyber rallying point to project our country in terms of a deep-seated socio-economic and political crisis. This heightens the urgency to expose the concealed architecture of the dedicated attacks on ZANU-PF through a misnamed national crisis.”

Of course, Zimbabwe is facing a serious existential crisis with its economy in total meltdown and 34% of our people now living in abject poverty. The health and economic challenges brought on by the corona virus pandemic have only turned the tragic situation in the country into a catastrophe of Biblical proportion.

The root cause of Zimbabwe’s crisis is the country’s failure to hold free, fair and credible elections. To end the crisis, Zimbabwe must end the curse of rigged elections.

What the ANC envoys should have done therefore was to look the Zanu PF leaders straight in the eyes and told them Zanu PF rigged the July 2018 elections, the regime is illegitimate and, for the sake of saving the nation from more suffering and deaths, the party must step down.

Of course, this was yet another wasted opportunity to deal decisively with Zimbabwe’s curse of rigged elections.

President Ramaphosa and his ANC leaders are being foolishly in cheering Zanu PF along as the party drags the Zimbabwe deeper and deeper into this hell-on-earth. Zimbabwe’s descend into hell has cause heart breaking suffering and deaths to the people of Zimbabwe but some of that suffering has split over into the rest of Southern Africa region.

There is no doubt there has been a lot of celebration in Zanu PF circles at the ease with which Zanu PF bamboozled the ANC envoys into believe there is no crisis in Zimbabwe, only “challenges”, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Common sense would dictate a responsible neighbour would stand on the side of justice and tick off the drunkard for abusing his wife and children. The last thing the neighbour should do is pontificate about folly of sparing the rod and spoiling the child! “Bona fide pan-Africanist spirit!” Dr Mpofu calls it, smiling from ear to ear! – SOURCE: