Braaied Dog Meat Sold To Unsuspecting Chipinge Residents
10 September 2020

Chipinge Residents Trust has warned residents against buying cheap meat sold from informal sources, after 14 dogs shot by the municipality disappeared from a local dumpsite.

Below is the letter to residents, warning that there were unscrupulous people selling roasted dog meat to unsuspecting imbibers at local bottle stores around the town.

Dear Chipinge Residents,

There is an ongoing concern about the operation of shooting stray dogs by the Town security personnel and police under the direction of the Chipinge Town Council. It appears some residents are surviving by selling dog meat to poor residents.

A member of the Town security informed Chipinge Residents Trust that they shot 15 dogs and dumped them at an open dumpsite. Then they killed another six and when they returned to the dumping site they realized that 14 dogs were missing and one was left. The security person noted there were three people who were running in the bush trying to hide their face. These people were selling braiied dog meat at Chinheya, Dzonzai and around Gaza usually where the home made whisky and spirits beer called Mukozodo are sold.


Please do not buy cheap meat from sources which have not receive approval by health officials. We understand that most of the Chipinge residents are starving because they can not afford to buy food because of lockdown restrictions. But it’s inhumane and unAfrican to sell dog meat to poor residents.


We understand your operation but please do not dump dead dogs in open and unsafe places. Please bury those dead dogs. Additionally, many Chipinge Town residents are smelling dogs which have been wounded and later died. This smell is unsanitary and not good for the health of the residents. Please track down the wounded dogs and dispose of them properly.

Some people are surviving by selling meat from donkeys, monkeys, baboons and dogs in Chipinge. People must be protected from those selling meat of any kind that has not received approval by health officials. Police must protect the residents by arresting those who are selling uninspected meat.


V. Mahlupeko

Chipinge Residents Trust