FULL TEXT: ZAPU Statement on Latest South African Envoys Mission to Zimbabwe 
10 September 2020
The Revolutionary and Democratic party notes the seemingly sustained efforts by the South African National Congress party in trying to initiate a process of finding the ever elusive solution to the Zimbabwean problem.
While we also note, with concern, the refusal by ZANU PF to firstly admit to the existence of a political, social and economic crisis in the country and secondly to open themselves up to dialogue with other stakeholders, we remain hopeful and confident the ANC and the South African government will be adamant on the need for an honest and inclusive process.
This is important especially for the sake of ordinary Zimbabweans who have borne the brunt of misgovernment, unconstitutionalism, rights abuses, collapse of social services and economic bankruptcy under ZANU PF.
We pray the ANC and the South African government finds the courage to bluntly and frankly call ZANU PF to order and abandon its entitled stance on all  matters Zimbabwe.
We also pray the SADC countries also come to the party and assist Zimbabweans as we try to extricate ourselves from the bondage of clueless dictatorship by ZANU PF.
ZAPU stands ready in situ for the engagement with the South African envoys, and will be glad to meet up with the envoys when they return as promised by delegation leader Cde Ace Magashule.
 Anything short of an all inclusive engagement will be viewed as another of the many ploys to pacify a desperate nation of Zimbabwe, and ZAPU is confident the ANC will not be tricked into such by the ever sly and dishonest ZANU PF pretenders.