Daring Thieves Target Funerals…
11 September 2020

MOURNERS visiting cemeteries for burials have to be extra vigilant to avoid double grief as thieves are now targeting funeral-goers by stealing from their parked cars while attending their loved ones’ final farewell.

The warning comes after two men from North End were on Monday afternoon brutally assaulted by a mob of angry mourners after they caught them red-handed stealing from their cars while they were attending a relative’s burial service at Athlone Extension Cemetery.

The unidentified thieves who were apprehended before they could make good their escape had stolen purses, cellphones and groceries from the mourners’ parked cars.

Investigations by B-Metro after the incident revealed that there was a drastic increase in burglaries at city cemeteries where thieves were wreaking havoc stealing items from parked cars.

Bulawayo City Council (BCC) recently raised concern at the increasing crime at cemeteries during burials, with thieves said to be targeting parked vehicles.

Speaking during a council meeting, Ward 7 councillor Shadreck Sibanda said he had noted an increase in theft during burials.

“I have noted that there has been an increase in theft from cars, especially at cemeteries. I want to know if the chair has heard those issues and what can be done to stop such cases,” said Clr Sibanda.

Ward 9 councillor Donaldson Mabutho supported him while arguing that there was a need by the local authority to deploy council security officers to guard mourners’ cars at cemeteries.

A North End resident Elton Mashamba expressed dismay that such things could happen before describing thieves who steal from grieving families as the “lowest of the low people”.

“These thieves are really heartless as they have no respect for the dead and their relatives.

After being caught these lowest of the low people should be severely punished. Just imagine they are stealing from people who are already under sad emotional circumstances.

“I think security should also be tight at these cemeteries whereby municipal security officers will be watching for suspicious people,” suggested Mashamba.-B-Metro