Students Denounce Persecution Of ZINASU Leader…
11 September 2020

It is with a sense of jolt and utter exasperation that we note of the arbitrary arrest and persecution of ZINASU President Takudzwa Ngadziore.

It is increasingly becoming clear that the regime of Dambudzo Mnangagwa wants to consolidate its illegal rule through fear and a clampdown on all pro democracy activists.

Ngadziore is simply being persecuted for speaking out against the abduction and torture of fellow student Tawanda Muchehiwa who was brutally assaulted by the military junta’s footsoldiers of violence.

As a council of students we are increasingly becoming riled by the idiosyncrasies of the securocratic political figurehead which illegally took power through the barrel of a gun in November 2017.

Our position is that instead of arresting Takudzwa Ngadziore, the junta is supposed to investigate the role of Impala Car rental in the abduction and torture of not only Tawanda Muchehiwa but other numerous abductions which have occurred since 2018.


_Inserted by_

_Tamuka Gurure_

MDC Alliance Student’s Council Spokesperson