“Doctors’ Salary As Promised By The New Health Minister”
14 September 2020
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Wrote one doctor Monday afternoon:

“A WHOLE DOCTOR BEING GIVEN SUCH A PALTRY FIGURE AS SALARY. At today’s rate that’s about USD80 or R1 360. How do we even survive til the next ‘pay’ day?? Leaving this country is inevitable.”

The development comes following a plea by the new Health minister on August 20 2020 where he called on health professionals to be patient as authorities find solutions to their problems.

Said VP Chiwenga:

“While we are addressing your grievances, we cannot expect a solution overnight. These challenges have been accumulating over a long period and will also take a little bit of time to be addressed.

“We are one family, one people and we need to unite and help each other. We have launched the Pfumvudza programme, which is aimed at boosting agricultural productivity. But people cannot work if they are not in good health.”