Joana Deserves To Be Treated With Dignity
16 September 2020
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Hon  Joana Mamombe

By Blessing Simpson Madzima

I was really flabbergasted by the behaviour of the courts and the police in how they dragged, victimised and abused Joanne Mamombe from her hospital bed to force her to attend a court case which she could still have been in attendance whilst in hospital through other facilities and technologies.

Such behaviour and influence is characterised by improper pressure from the executive or political opponents which our judges should never be allowed to decide citizens cases on evidence which has not been presented in court and in accordance with the law.

Such improper influence must never be allowed in carrying out a judicial function in our independent country.Joana deserves to be treated with dignity and compassion for our humanity as a country and a deserving society.

My appeal is with our Judiciary and the Police force that please treat the citizens of our country with impartiality and be able to decide their cases solely on evidence presented in court and in accordance with our law. No justice should be executed on any individual before their cases have been determined and ruled upon by the courts.

Maintaining the rule of law is an obligation by the ordinary citizens, judiciary, the police and every citizen. I am challenging the police and the Judiciary to observe their constitutional mandate of serving and protecting citizens instead of serving narrow political interests.

Recent incidents of abductions, torture, closure of democratic space in the country as well as manufacturing botched up evidence to incriminate opponents is regrettable and beyond leadership of hope and redress.

This crisis which has become fundamental to issues affecting our economic and social interests is being characterised by continuous incarceration of opponents, intolerance, polarisation, corruption, disregard for the rule of law, lack of accountability and transparency, contravention of the constitution and marginalisation of vulnerable groups and communities.

We are now obliged to engage and to dialogue with the hope of mitigating a total collapse of our generation and our freedoms.

Zimbabwe has many opportunities and resources that we can share and enjoy the greatness of our independent country.

I plead with all of us as citizens of one nation to draw a line and rally behind our reconstruction and transformation in accordance with our values and interests as a nation.