Herald Says Joana Mamombe Has Been ReCalled
17 September 2020

By Farai D Hove | The state owned Herald newspaper has published an article saying the abducted Harare West MP Joana Mamombe has been recalled from her parliamentary post.

The ZANU PF party controlled broadsheet made the allegations in an article relating to the court hearing in which prosecutors are seeking to imprison her held yesterday.

The dramatic development could mean Mamombe has been listed for removal from parliament by the state backed Thokozani Khupe faction, and in this light, her legislature will be used to push her to join the ZANU PF aligned MDC grouping. The article has Mamombe titled as an ordinary member of the MDC Alliance while further stating that she has been recalled. The development is analysed today by commentator Mari Matutu in an article titled: “How To Trap MDC Alliance.”

Meanwhile, the Herald article titled Mamombe as a recalled MP, saying:

The recalled Harare West legislator was on Tuesday issued with a warrant of arrest after she failed to attend court for trial, as she was admitted to Borrowdale Halfway House, receiving treatment for anxiety disorder. Her lawyers told the court that Mamombe was not in a position to comprehend proceedings as she was suffering from anxiety disorder.

Meanwhile, Harare magistrate, Mrs Bianca Makwande, cancelled the warrant of arrest yesterday after her doctor, Dr Fungisai Mazhandu, testified in court that she admitted her to the health centre, and she has been treating Mamombe for the past five months.

But in a twist, the prosecutor has requested opportunity to submit video evidence next week saying Mamombe is not at all an ill person; while also adding that two military doctors must be assigned to assess her for mental illness.