MDC Alliance Targets Zanu PF’s Rural Strongholds
18 September 2020
MDC Alliance


“#2020MunhuWeseKumusha” COMPAIGN.

Mdc Alliance Namibia is solidly behind the amplification of rural voices through the sensitive program promoting branch supremacy in the party.

The polling station based branches shall successfully fight against voter apathy in marginalised areas in the motherland.

We are greatly inspired by our vibrant national organiser Hon Amos Chibaya who is invading rural constituencies spreading the doctrine of social democracy.

This is a demonstration that the attempt by Zanupf terrorists and their surrogates to divert our attention from real issues never worked and it will not work.

We are not going to be diverted by Zanupf lite into petty issues, we shall remain glued to the stinking corruption and gross misgovernance.

The party will continue recruiting and mobilising for 2023 elections, we are now aware of their exhausted baboon tactics.

Furthermore, the idea behind the program is to make sure that there is active citizenry democratic participation of the rural folk.

As a people’s project,we are committed and dedicated to invest our human and financial resources to conscientise and strengthen our structures in rural areas where we have a great populace. In any national democratic revolution, peasants play a fundamental role in the emancipation of their society. Mdc Alliance is a pro-poor party hence it is our moral obligation to prepare our people for poverty liberation through voting responsibly. We are genuinely supporting the cultivation of the revolutionary commitment to avert low voters’ participation.

Moreover, Mdc Alliance Namibia has the political conviction that rural constituencies play a significant role to usher complete transformation in Zimbabwe. We eulogise our astute leader, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa for appointing Hon Happymore Chidziva as the secretary for rural mobilisation. The youthful leader is going to spearhead more recruitment of leadership and membership. It is also critical for our party to ensure that members are immune from the tradition of intimidation, torture and the abuse of traditional leaders who are always manipulated by Zanupf stomach politicians during bloody general elections.

In a nutshell, as a district, we shall assist in the recruitment and mobilisation of our rural constituencies. The party is encouraged to guarantee security of membership and leadership through electoral and security sector reforms. Mdc Alliance Namibia believes that solidarity and unity as our core values in social democracy shall guide us in our democratic endeavour.

Social democrats in Namibia are convinced that this program will mobilise , capacitate,educate and politically activate young and old people to vote against stinking corruption,gross human rights abuses,age- related discrimination and partisan distribution of food aid and other handouts by Zanupf morons.


Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya